CREATINE: Best Way To Boost Your Muscle Growth


Creatine will help you to increase the size of your muscles and its just the small portion of the benefits by using the creatine properly.

Doing so does not have to be complicated but there are different types to choose from different recommendations for optimal results.

So you are hitting the gym, regurlarly, taking your diet and doing everything you can to boost your muscle growth, still no chance.

Just don’t your hopes low and go with blog in the end you will surely get benefits in muscle growth.

So, Let’s hop into it.

What is Creatine:

  • If you haven’t used creatine before you should know that it’s not some unnatural synthetic compound made in the lab
  • Its already naturally produced by your body in your kidneys liver and pancreas and it is safe to use it as a supplement.
  • You can get creatine from food but it’s gonna be tough to get enough of it daily.
  • Creatine is one of the very few that has been proven to be beneficial and effective over and over again.

Benefits of Creatine in gaining muscles and strength:

Creatine is the best enhancement for expanding bulk and quality. 

It is an essential enhancement in the lifting weights and wellness networks. 

Examination shows enhancing with creatine can twofold your quality and slender muscle picks up when contrasted with preparing alone.

Forms of creatine to choose:

  • There are many forms of creatine to choose from so which one will get you the best results and the fastest.
  • Creatine Monohydrate is the best form of creatine out there but other popular options include- Creatine HYDROCHLORIDE, Creatine MICRONIZED, Creatine ETHYL ESTER, Creatine KRE-ALKALYN.
  • The best and cheapest and the safest bet is to stick with Creatine Monohydrate

How to take Creatine:

  • As far as how much Creatine you should take each day for a long time.
  • Week-Long Loading Phase: Where you will have 20 to 25 grams of Creatine every day for 5 to 7 days.
  • Then you will transition to only having 3 to 5 grams per day after that.
  • This strategy of taking in about 20 grams of Creatine every day for about six days provides a rapid way to saturate your muscles full of Creatine.
  • However, you can get the exact same result over a longer period of time by taking only 3 grams a day for 28 days.
  • Keep that in mind once you saturate your muscle full of Creatine any extra Creatine you take in will be filtered out by your kidneys and will end up being flushed down the toilet.
  • If you want to see the effects faster just remember to divide the 20 grams per day into two 10 grams serving before and after the workout or into 5-gram increments spread out into four portions throughout the day.
  • This is done to prevent stomach issues that could come up by taking such a large serving all at once.
  • If you take Creatine along with carbs and protein during a loading phase you can drop the time it takes to maximize your muscle creatine stores to only two to three days instead of the six to seven days that it would normally take if you are loading without adding carbs and protein to your Creatine supplement.
  • You can simply add Creatine into a protein shake by blending it with a banana.
  • Once your muscle Creatine stores are full it just doesn’t matter what you are taking Creatine with because you’ve already maximized your muscles creatine stores.
  • After you already saturated your muscles full od creatine taking a 3 to 5-gram dose per day is all you need to maintain.
  • To ensure that you absorb the Creatine as fast as possible you can choose either directly before or after your workout rather than at some random point of the day, you can also split the amount you take in half this way you can have some both before and after your workout.
  • On days when you are not working out, it definitely won’t matter at all when you due take it.

Hair loss:

  • It’s actually one of the most common questions asked in relation to the safety of taking the creatine.
  • Creatine use increases the level of DHT which is a hormone associated with hair loss.
  • Starting to exercise can increase your DHT levels by 10% to 30%.
  • Even if DHT levels rise it doesn’t mean that your hair will automatically fall out if you’re not genetically susceptible to male pattern baldness.
  • If your parents have a full head of hair you’re most likely not.

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