3 Types Of Hair And How To Style Them


There is nothing to worry about hairstyles for different types of hair because you are in the good hands. So, you did your part of knowing the correct FACE SHAPE and growth of your hair and now you are here to pick the hairstyles as per your type of hair. There are 3 different hair types which can change the overall look of a hairstyle. There are different face shapes and different hairstyle to go with.

You have to understand as there are different hairstyles as per different hair types, You have to know which one you have. So that you can style them without having a headache.

As the Right hairstyle will last longer and will suit your better.

So, let’s hop into it.


You can define them as hair without any natural curls, the hair strands can be fine(thin) or coarse. Straight hair type has the tendency to become oily very easily, so before buying any hair products read the label so that, they don’t add more oil to your hair. Avoid using serums frequently and use products that can add volume or texture to your hair.

They are easy to manage and can help you style as you want with minimum efforts.


As with straight hair, curls from midpoint to the ends can help you to know what wavy hair is. They require little efforts to make them straight hair or if you’re some beachy vibe, Sea Salt spray is your friend but don’t overdo it as it can make your hair dry. You can try different hairstyles that can help your hair to feature more of their curls, as Wavy hair don’t need much of texture to try to style your hair so that they can help you to add volume.


Curly hair tends to give the S shape curls or they can be like tight and springy. If they are normal curls and you like them, So to maintain those curls use moisture providing products so that they don’t get frizzy or if you are dealing with tight and springy curls use a leave-in conditioner to style them perfectly. I will be sharing the hairstyles that will be best suited as per your hair type so that you can rock your current hair without changing their type (from straight to wavy or vice versa).

Suit yourself with all these hairstyles


hairstyles for straight hair
Image source Google| Image by-Ian Chandler

Try any hairstyle as per your face shape and the texture of your hair you can rock pompadour, or skid fade. Use hair products that can help you to add volume with different products to add texture.

When going for the hairstyle for different hairstyle are difficult to maintain for a longer time so try to use heavy products that don’t weigh down the hair or don’t go away with sweat.


Image source Google| Image by-JENNIFER LEE

Go for those Hairstyles which can make your hair get more volume as per your face shape as there will be no need for any product to add hair texture. As wavy hair is easy to maintain for a longer time they don’t give problem while styling just some product to your hair and you are ready to go.


hairstyles for curly hair
Image source Google| Image by-Ian Chandler

Go for hair which can enhance your natural curls as they will look good with just little efforts all you need to styles your hair as per your face shapes. Style your hair in the way that can make your hair curls go with your face shape add some volume adding products that can improve the overall look of the hair and with leave-in conditioner you are good to go.

For more Hairstyles right down in the comment section, so that i will help you out with more Hairstyles if you want tips and tricks of how you can maintain your hairstyle i will be picking hair products as per hair types and hair texture soon.

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