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I know you love your skin certainly there will be a skincare routine you will be following. But are you taking care of your skin the right way?

As with different products and different methods out there, one can get easily confused about what skincare routine should they follow to get clear and healthier skin.

You can invest in expensive products but if you are not doing things correctly it will not help you, there are certain things that should be followed or change to increase your SKINCARE Game.

So, if you want to know how to take care of your skin the better way, let’s hop into it


There is no better way to start with washing your face to get clear skin in the morning and before going to bed. Even if you give some slack off to your grooming routine, you can’t do it on your skincare routine. It is mandatory to wash your face twice a day.

As with doing this, You are removing the bacteria with impurities, deep cleans pores and the skin feeling refreshed, clean, and hydrated.

So, all you have to do is wash your face two times a day and make this regular habit so that it will add into your skincare routine.

If you want to get clear skin You have to make it count, you can’t expect to have clear skin just by sitting and waiting for it to get done by own.


As I explained above it is mandatory to wash your face at least Two times a day. But some of us think that washing the face three or even four times can help to get the clear skin fast.

It is wrong You Don’t have to wash your face more than twice, as it will strip down the natural oils from your skin and will make your skin dry.


As I have discussed in my various articles that our glands produce oil that is present on our face.

So, when you wash your face, skin does whatever it takes to get your face the natural moisture, while if you wash your face more than 2 times a day.

Your skin will start to making its sebum production work in overdrive, causing more oil and more acne. Take care of your Skin with not stripping down the natural moisture it maintain.


So, you are following the above rules, then what?

Above rules will only tell you how you should wash your face but what about the dead skin cells that need to be removed.

To get a clear skin You should use a scrub/ exfoliate your face once or twice a week.

 This will help you reduce breakouts by keeping the pores from becoming clogged with removing the dead cells and sebum (skin oil).

There are some zits(pimples) marks that don’t go away because of the dead skin cells, so to get rid of them exfoliate your face.

Don’t rub your face harshly as scrubs are harder on your face if you don’t care it can cause skin irritation which can leads to breaking of your skin. So if you are going to scrub go with mil hands and massage your face with it.



If you are facing several breakouts on your face or you want your skin to get clearer and you did everything you can but still you did not find any solution.
Start doing the exercise, As when you exercise it leads in to get your heart rate up which helps in to improve blood circulation that will lead in delivering oxygen and nutrients to the skin which keeps the skin healthy, promotes collagen and helps in to get a new skin
So, exercise not only help you to get your body in shape, but it will help you to get clear skin too.

With taking care of your fitness routine you will be doing Skin care too. So always stay fit, do exercise, eat healthy and have a Clear skin.



Drinking sufficient water does not only benefit your health but it also helps in to get your skin what it wants.

It will lead to a healthy lifestyle which will not only help you in long term but it will take your skin and health to another level.
Not only it will help in natural detox but will also help in to get more clear skin so always keep your skin hydrated as Dry skin can trigger excess oil production which can lead to a breakout.
For men, you should intake nearly 3.7 litres of fluids in a day and for women, the value is 2.7 litres.
You should drink at least 1-litre water empty stomach which will help in a better skincare routine and benefit in a healthy life too.


If you are using the same face wash that you are using from the 7th standard, It is time to change that face wash now you are a big guy you have to make yourself understand that same face wash will not work on every skin types.

You should first know your skin and than take care of it as per your type.

As different skin types need different products so before choosing the right product you should know your skin and follow these things for better skincare routine

There are 5 skin types: things to keep in mind

Normal skinStay hydrated, use sunscreen, moisturize, and wash your face before sleeping
Oily skinStay hydrated, moisturize, and wash your face twice a day
Dry skinDrink lots of water, moisturize, wear sunscreen to save your skin from getting dry
Combination skinexfoliate gently, use sunscreen, Use oil-free products
Sensitive skindon’t overdo with a skincare routine, test products for chemicals as they can damage your skin

So now you your skin and things you should do, add these things to your daily routine for better skin care routine.


So now you know your skin type it is a turn to pick the right product as per your skin.

There are several face washes, scrubs, face serums and face creams out there, which can create confusion while picking the right product for your skin type. Not all products work same on everyone’s skin

So you should take care of products that are good in quality and will suit your skin too.

As most of people pick the cheap products that will contain lots of chemicals, which in turn damages their skin or it does not provide any benefit. You should focus on quality products as they make your skin clear and healthier.


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If you are one of those who thinks that Sunscreen is only to get your skin safe from Suntan, then my friend you are wrong.
Saving your skin from getting tanned is one of the least things that sunscreen does.
It also helps in:

  • To save your skin from harmful UV rays that will lead to various skin disorders, it minimizes the penetration of UV rays into your skin.
  • It helps in to protect your skin from the sign of Premature Aging.
  • It helps your skin to retain the essential proteins like keratin & Collagen and protect them from harmful UV rays. As these proteins are important factors in wrinkles and fine lines.

In simple words, it helps in to prevent dark spots, sun damage and signs of ageing.


You can’t get clear and healthy skin in just 1 day. you have to follow the routine take care of your skin and know the products that work on your skin or not.

So, from when you are going to work on your skincare routine. Comment down below and for any query Reach our Social Media and for daily updates follow us.


how many times you should wash your face?

Ideally you have wash your face 2 times a day. If you wash more than that you can irritate your skin with making it dry which will lead in more oily skin.

does exercise really help in to get clear skin?

Start doing the exercise, As when you exercise it leads in to get your heart rate up which helps in to improve blood circulation that will lead in delivering oxygen and nutrients to the skin which keeps the skin healthy, promotes collagen and helps in to get a new skin
So, exercise not only help you to get your body in shape, but it will help you to get clear skin too.

How to get clear skin fast?

1. Wash Your face daily.
2, Don’t overdo with washing your face
3. Use a scrub to get Clear and Healthier Skin
4. Drink a lot of water.
5. Do exercise daily.
6. Know the right product for your skin
7. Start using the sunscreen

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