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6 Hair Tips And Tricks To Make Thin Hair Thicker [2020]

tricks to get thick hair

Don’t feel sorry for fine(thin) hair you got, they are best in their own way, all you need some help in how to style them and soon you will be ready with rocking your current hair. I know no one wants to feel that their hair is going thinner and thinner but believe me most of the Asians born with fine hair. You can’t change the way your hair feels but some tricks can help you to feel confident and help you to style your hair in a way you want.
So, let’s hop into it:

1. Use volumizing or thickening shampoo:

This shampoo is budget-friendly and provides good results in no time without making your hair dry. Volumizing shampoos are the best friend for your fine hair if you need to get the best out of your hair and you don’t have much time, you can use volumizing shampoo on your hair and they will significantly boost your hair texture, how they feel and you can get bouncy, thick hair feeling in no time. They are best to use without making your hair flat and they usually contain chemicals which will help you to get a thick feeling and the result will be long-lasting. For best results go with shampoo which will have keratin or omega proteins that will give thick hair feeling in no time.

Volumizing shampoo can make your hair dry so give it a try and suit yourself with different shampoos out there.


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Hair oils are the foremost important thing for your hair even you got thick, medium or thin hair. As with time even you have thick hair with good hair growth, hair quality tends to decrease with time and they will be needing proteins and lipids, so to minimise the damage to your hair oils are the best friend. Try massaging the hair oils into your scalp at least once in a week and leave it overnight to see the best results, as massaging help to circulate the blood flow into your scalp area which will help your hair to get more of nutrients they need with time.
ROADTOACE(RTA) TIP: For best result go with EXTRA VIRGIN OILS, as virgin oils are not extracted so much so their nutrients will be in the bottle. They are more towards costly as to normal hair oils. But they will provide you with long term benefits.
VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, VIRGIN COCONUT OIL, CASTOR OIL are the best oils without a choice to make your thin hair thicker.



All want to style their hair as they want as per different occasions, all wanted to get a change in look while doing so most of us damage our hair with using, lots of hair spray or any use of heating tools. Don t go using conditioner whenever you got thin hair as with conditioner it can make your hair flatter and thinner, so better to take care of your hair while you style your hair just don t overdo while styling, takes care of hair as much as you like to style them.
ROADTOACE(RTA) TIP: if you want to apply conditioner to your hair with making them thicker, you can do a little trick. Apply the conditioner first and wash off your hair then apply shampoo; this will make your hair thicker and conditioned.


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This one is the best and budget-friendly dry shampoo you can get in India. Dry shampoo is one of the best-underhanded tricks that you can use while styling the second-day hair and with addition to that it can help in boosting the fine hair by making them more towards the thick hair. The dry shampoo provides two benefits to the 2nd-day hair as it will remove the greasy feeling from your hair while making them more towards the thicker side. You can style your hair as you like without having a headache and get the result you wanted.


Flakes on your shoulder can be devastating, while you get ready and take care of everything and after getting ready flakes on the shoulder can be such a mood breaker, not only flakes mean you have dandruff problem but with dandruff, your hairs are not getting the proper nutrients they want, when you apply hair oils or any hair masks dandruff can affect the result of your hair. So, it is better to take care of your hair with proper dandruff treatment. There are lots of different products out there like beer shampoo or anti-dandruff shampoo.

ROADTOACE(RTA) TIP: If you got itchy scalp and have issues in your scalp which won’t go away with even anti-dandruff shampoo you can go for ketoconazole shampoo out there, they are best in removing of dandruff. If you use KETOCONAZOLE SHAMPOO you have to keep in mind that you can only use them twice a week. don’t overuse them.


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HAIR masks are like hair oils they are natural and help you to get the desired results, hair masks are for those who don’t have time for hair oils and want to take care or hair, they are like the shortcut towards the haircare. They won’t harm your hair, There are lots of different hair masks for your hair like an onions hair mask for dandruff, hair masks to repair the damaged hair, growth hair masks and many more. Most of the hair masks can be made at home and they are all-natural derived.

Either you got thick hair or thin hair we all use hair products once in a while so for better get rid off product used on hair, there is a different shampoo called CLEANSING SHAMPOO which helps to remove excess build-up in hair and helps to remove the products used in hair while making your scalp cleaner.
There are lots of product out there which are made only for this purpose like hair mousse, thickening & volumizing shampoo and ceramic brush for your hair.


USE HAIR COLOUR, hair colours are one of the best methods to get change in look while hair colour also help in to make your hair thicker and get some extra shine in no time and the result will be long-lasting.
If you want to know hair colour as per your skin, click on the link and read the article to know best tricks out there- BEST TRICK TO KNOW UNDERSKIN TONE AND HAIR COLOURS AS PER YOUR SKIN

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