leg exercises

When we look at the quadriceps, we know that because of the name quadriceps its got four components here.

Its got a medial component on the inside of the knee called the vastus medialis.

We have a lateral component on the outside of the knee called the vastus lateralis.

Go figure, we have one in the middle of the knee that’s not seen here because under the muscle that is seen is called the vastus intermedius.

One that you can see on the top is called the rectus femoris and unlike the other three components of the quads, this one does have an attachment above the hip, allowing us to have some function on the hip.

In terms of its ability to lift you into’s a weak flexor at that, but at least it has something unique about it that we want to make sure we consider.

The other three muscles however are able to and are really good at extending the knee, that is your main focus.

They start in the femur, they end across the knee joint, and they are able to extend that knee.

Now, whether that means we are sitting down doing a leg extension, I don’t like you doing a leg extension or you have your feet in a closed chain environment with your feet in contact with the ground like a squat.

I like squats that will give you the same opportunity to extend your knee, we want to make sure we are training that.

So we are gonna do the exercise to make sure we are hitting the hips, the glutes, the hamstring, and the quads.


weighted squats leg exercises

What we do here with the squat is to work our way up in a warmup fashion.

In the warmup guys, I never want you to exhaust yourselves in warming up.

To do that I would recommend is working your way up through some submaximal sets.if you can do half of your working weight it is going to be, then use about 20% less than what you are working weight is going to be.

Just do a few reps with each weight. Enough to we call grease the prepare yourself for the working set.

what I like to do individually when it comes to squats is something we call a touchup set.

In the touchup set, we are trying to overreach with 10% of what we are going to do in our first working set to our five rep max.

What we do is a box squat, the box squat will allow us to get down there, to feel the safety, to have the confidence that we have a bottom point.

It will give us the biofeedback to know that’s what I am heading forgive it a one or two rep touch, come back up, then start your working sets.

What does that do neurologically? that overreach allows us to feel more ready and able to attack our working sets with a lighter weight.


barbell hip thrust leg exercises

Again, a compound movement to hit the glutes and hamstring in one, powerful movement.

This exercise does it allow us to load up pretty heavy.

When it comes to this movement pattern, the most important thing that you can do when you are training your posterior chain is initiate with your glutes.

get your glutes to be the main driver of the movement, then allow hamstrings to assist.

A lot of us have good control on glutes, we have to face facts, so we do is we take the lighter weight to start and try to establish that by mind-muscle connection.

Try to establish that purposeful movement, initiating with the glutes, and then squeezing with the hamstrings. 

We can do that with a lighter weight that allows us to get into the movement pattern.


dumbbell bulgarian

It means that we can load this more through our quads, or we can load it more through our glutes and posterior chain, depending upon the angle of our torso on each repetition.

So, if I dropped straight down, I know that I have effectively loaded the quads predominantly on this exercise.

Initiating the liftoff from the bottom of this exercise through the quads providing most of the overload there.

But if I come up and then the next rep, I go down into what we call a sprinter lunge position.

That’s immediately loading the posterior chain by placing the glutes under enormous stretch.

So, what I do is alternate repetitions to failure.

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