MUSCLES GROWTH: 8 Mistakes You Are making In 2020


You might be working out hard and you are eating right but no matter how hard you try your muscles are still not growing.

You’ve been going to the gym, putting in the time, doing your body good, but week after week that feeling of frustration and lack of motivation creep in.

Does not see any result and doesn’t know the exact reason.

Key reasons why you’re trying so hard but not seeing the growth of muscles:

#1 Not training each muscle:


Most of us trained each muscle group only once per week.

This is what’s known as a bro split where you work pretty one muscle per day and it will allow you to focus on that muscle and break it down for an incredible pump.

But is that optimal??

Well, the answers are no because the rate muscle growth between training a muscle once or three times per week with a similar total training volume between both groups, and the results show that those who trained each muscle three times per week gained much more muscle than those who trained each muscle less often.

Ones a week muscle workout increase their lean body mass by only 1% while those that train each muscle three times per week gained 8%.

One reason why its better to train each muscle often than once a week is that if you do a ton of sets and reps all within one day you’ll inevitably have lower quality sets after you’ve done a few heavy sets for a specific muscle the amount of force you’ll be able to produce during later sets will decrease significantly.

On the other hand, if you spread that volume out over the week you’ll be able to perform better for each set because you’ll be less fatigued.

#2 Progressive overload:

muscle gain MUSCLES GROWTH: 8 Mistakes You Are making In 2020

Your muscles won’t get bigger and stronger, If you’re not training with intensity Go hard and heavy (within your limits per workout) to challenge your body, Focus first on movements such as deadlifts, squats, overhead press, weighted chins, etc.

You’ve to train with enough intensity when you can’t do another rep in proper form.

#3 Not consuming enough cholesterol:

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Not consuming enough cholesterol can slow your gains.

The more cholesterol we consumed the more muscle we gained, which means a high cholesterol diet of 800 milligrams per day to a low cholesterol diet of fewer than 200 milligrams per day.

After compared you will notice a high cholesterol diet had almost three times higher muscle protein synthesis rates for 22 hours after intense resistance training than the low cholesterol diet.  

This will show that the higher cholesterol diet was beneficial for muscle growth.

Cholesterol may aid muscle growth by helping your body cope with inflammatory responses and by enhancing cellular communication.

Now, this is all of course within good reason there are good sources of cholesterol and there are also bad sources of cholesterol.

So make sure that you stick to eating enough healthy sources of fat optimize muscle growth.

#4 Not training enough volume:

muscle MUSCLES GROWTH: 8 Mistakes You Are making In 2020

There are many ways that you can describe training volume but the most useful way is as a set volume which refers to the number of sets you do per muscle group.

If you are not gaining muscle it may be because you are not doing enough training volume since there’s is a clear dose-response relationship between training volume and muscle growth.

It Means the more volume you do the more you grow.

Doing 4 to 6 sets per exercise is superior to 2 to 3 sets and 2 to 3 sets is better of course than doing only one set.

#5 Overdoing cardio:

cardio MUSCLES GROWTH: 8 Mistakes You Are making In 2020

We as whole know cardio is beneficial for us. Be that as it may, an excess of cardio frustrates muscle gain and ought not to be your primary center when attempting to building muscle. Your first objective ought to be opposition preparation. In the event that your body recoups well after obstruction preparing includes a light cardio meeting to a great extent. Simply recollect opposition preparing is your primary core interest. 

#6 Not being in a calorie surplus:

Our body is a building block, and muscle mass which does not grow overnight. Our body needs a small surplus of calories to repair and grow. Without that small surplus, your body won’t grow muscle mass. 500 calorie surplus is adequate, so when making your meal plan, accommodate for extra protein, carbs, and healthy fats to help those muscles grow.

#7 Not getting enough protein:

Most of you already know protein is essential for muscle growth, that’s because the amino acids found in the food you eat end up being used as building blocks for your muscles.

To be more specific muscle growth occurs when more amino acids are built up within a muscle than the amount that gets broken down on a daily basis.

If that happens your muscles are in a positive nitrogen balance which leads to growth.

However, to get your muscles into this state requires that you eat enough protein.

At least 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day must be consumed.

#8 Not getting enough sleep:

muscle MUSCLES GROWTH: 8 Mistakes You Are making In 2020

Sleep is an essential factor for our overall health. In terms of muscle gain, not enough sleep equals a lack of muscle gain. Sleep is associated with human growth hormone which is at its highest when we sleep. So try and get 6-8 hours of sleep per night. Your body needs this to recovery from your workouts and to grow and repair muscle for gains.

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