How To Grow A Full Beard, Things You Should Know In 2020

how to grow beard

You want to grow a beard, you are surfing the internet for tips and trick to grow a beard, you are doing everything in your power to grow a beard but, when it comes to growing a beard there are significant factors to grow a beard. So, there should be many questions in your mind why I can’t grow a beard? Why some people beard grows faster than me? Why there are so many patches in my beard? How long does it take to grow a full beard?
You are at the right place to get all these problems solved
So, let’s hop into it:


how to grow full beard

If you are trying to grow a beard just throw our razor or trimmer and sit back and wait from like 2-3 months to see how your beard grows and how your face hair follicles work. You have to wait for it, I know it will make you like some felon but this is the best way to grow a good beard if you keep on trimming or shaving it, you never going to know how good is your beard growth and where it is patchy and where not. So, wait for your turn and after 2 months you can trim down with scissors not with trimmer to give a shape to it. You can grow a full beard only when u let it to grow.



how to grow full beard

I know you have listened from everywhere that shaving is good, shaving will help in your beard growth, shaving will boost your beard growth it will fill the patches, it can even help you to get beard even at an early age and many more. But this is all hoax, shaving doesn’t even play any part in growing of beard many kinds of research proved that till now. So, before you do shave you better not hope for any change in results.
Still, if you doubt as I have seen many people asking me that when I shave, I feel like my beard hair are getting denser. But it is only because of ANAGEN PHASE(if you have not read about the beard growth, read from my blog about growth of hair)It is a phase where your hair starts to grow from the root so you see coarse hair and thicker. It happens to everybody but till they come to their 4th phase, you can see nothing Is changed at all. You need to stop shaving and wait to grow a full beard.
All shaving do is helps in to remove your dead skin cells and allow blocked hair follicles to grow.


how to grow a beard genetics How To Grow A Full Beard, Things You Should Know In 2020

Genetics is foremost the important factor when it comes to the growth of beard, even if you are 20 years older you can find yourself in a situation where there are so many patches in your beard or even no beard at all. So before applying anything on your face or taking medicines it’s better to work genetics their part. You can’t do anything if your genetics won’t allow your beard to grow. I have seen 12 -14 years old getting full beard without any patches and on the same page there are others too who can’t even grow a beard in there ‘20s. Genetics plays a major role in beard growth.

So, you better sit tight and wait for your hair follicles to grow when genetics want them to hit.


ho to grow full beard

Testosterone is a hormone found in humans, Testosterone level varies from individual to individual, studies shown that both testosterone level and genetics should be working hand in hand to grow a good beard without any patch. Testosterones help in many ways like the growth of muscles or the growth of hair follicles. So, it is important how your testosterone works and is it high or low. So, you better know before doing any more research on how to grow a beard and work on your testosterone level.

If you want to know the food items that will help you to get high testosterone here is the link:


If you just 12 or 13 years old and you are wondering why my beard is not coming or when it will be coming, you better stop, there is a certain age for all the things it’s not like that you will be getting beard in just when you hit puberty and there will be complementary beard with it. It takes time HAIR FOLLICLES to develop on the face area. Though genetics plays a major part here too, you shouldn’t focus on others beard growth focus on yours it might be on the way so you better sit tight and wait for it to grow fully. I have seen 12 -14 years old getting full beard without any patches and on the same page there are others too who can’t even grow a beard in there ‘20s.


how to grow full beard

If you are into beard growth so much and you want to fill the patches, you can apply beard oil that will help your beard to grow more as with massaging the beard oil on your follicles help them to grow faster. Beard oil can boost hair growth and help you to grow a full beard. You can apply beard oils, as there are several beard oils out there so you can purchase any as per the reviews and your skin type and can see the results
If you want reviews on best beard oil comment down below, I will make a list of best beard oils for faster beard growth in India.

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