How to get bigger forearms (2020)

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Forearms are one of the most underrated muscles for looking attractive especially wearing a T-shirt the only muscle that is exposed is forearms.

So before starting the exercise lets covers some basic,

So many of you guys think that forearms is a single muscle but there are 20 muscles from wrist to elbow these muscles can be split up an anterior compartment on the front and a posterior compartment on the back.

The interior muscles perform wrist flexion and finger flexion so anytime you curl your wrist or anytime you grip something you’ll be training the front of your forearm the posterior muscles perform wrist and finger extension. 

Probably the most prominent muscle on the back of the forearm is the Brachioradialis which along with the biceps flexes the elbow.

However well it will be active in normal supinated curls because it sits on the back of the forearm it’s going to be more active when the wrist is pronated as the biceps will be put into a biomechanical disadvantageous position.

So for this reason, the first forearms exercise we are going to cover is the



  • Here you can use any bar which feels you comfortable, you are going to take a thumbless grip which going to get more of your interior muscle by preventing the bar from resting passively on your thumbs.
  • And as you grip the bar you want to think about clamping your 8 fingers into the base of your hands as hard as you comfortably can.
  • Some training is fine that putting the wrist either into slight extension or slight flexion can help improve the muscle mind connection with the brachioradialis 
  • So you can experiment with that while keeping your elbows pinned at your sides curl the weight up until you reach maximum elbow flexion and then lower the weight back down under control.
  • Do it 12-15 reps of [2 sets].

The next exercise we are going to cover is the:


wrist roller gif
  • According to my opinion, it is one of the most effective movements for working both the front and the back of the forearm since as one hand goes into flexion the other goes to the extension.
  • I recommend you to stand on some kind of elevator box or any high ground so the rope can hang a bit lower.
  • You will load the rope with the lightweight and lift the weight up by twisting your wrist backward, once the plate reaches the top reverse the wrist motion allowing the plate going back down as you actively untwisted the rope rather than just letting it fall. 

now lets having a look at:


towel barbell hold gif
  • It is a more functional exercise that’s gonna have more carryover to most other lifts.
  • In my opinion, it is one of the best exercises for developing grip strength so you have set up a barbell in a squat rack just above knee height so you don’t need to deadlift the weight up.
  • First, wrap two gym towels around the bar so the ends the towels overlap your hands, grip the towel as hard as you can while lifting the bar up the few inches off the pins until you reach lockout you’ll want to start with lightweight for 30-second hold for there you can overload by adding the time up to 45 seconds.

last but not least it is one of my favourite exercises:


pinch plate exercise gif
  • Here you going to grab two plates side by side and pinch then up off the ground bt squeezing your fingers together as hard as possible.
  • I recommend starting 2 and 5 kg plates. 
  • plate pinch allows you to target each side individually can help identify and correct left or right grip imbalances.

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