HAIRSTYLE MISTAKES: 5 Tips For Better Hairstyle


Hairstyle mistakes are very common as Styling your hair is not difficult but if you don’t know the right way it will be a headache for you

So, you are searching the internet to get the new Hairstyle. But after getting it done either it will not look good or you probably don’t Know how to style it.

I was one of those, trust me it happens with everyone I too did not knew anything about hairstyling

But I keep on trying so today I am going to save your time and your money as I am sure you will be making at least one of these mistakes while styling your hair

Let’s hop into it.


So, you are getting the haircut from the barber, but have you every thought why the same haircut looks good on your friend or even in the picture from you picked but not look good on you.

It is because of the face shape. As there 7 different face shapes out there and you are picking the wrong hairstyle for your face shape.

hairstyle mistakes

This is one of the most common hairstyle mistakes men make while going for the hairstyle that does not suit their facial structure.

Trust me I did it too but now I know my facial structure and I only pick those hairstyles which will suit my face shape.

So, while picking the hairstyle know what works on your face shape and what not.

Now you know what hairstyle mistakes you not have to make with going for hairstyle.


If you are one of those people who is going for the same look every time you went to barber from like past 4-5 years.

You are making a big mistake, as with your age increase your features, your face shape sharper and even your body changes.

So, with all these changes take place how you think that the same hairstyle that was working on your 3 years ago will work same even now

If you don’t trust me look back at your pictures, how you looked back then & how you style and now look at yourself now.

There will be change in your facial features. So, you should work on getting the new hairstyle rather than getting the same haircut.



I know there are lots of hair products out there with different quality and with different uses, anyone can get confused which one to pick up.

But if you are making the same mistake every time when going to buy the hair product without knowing what type of hair you have and what product will suit you. It will never be going to help

As most of us just know Hair Clay and Hair Wax but there are tons of different products out there with different benefits like texture, hold, shine, and many more

So, you should work on which hair product will work on your hair and which not, as it will save you from making hairstyle mistakes every time you style your hair.

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4.Don’t know how to style the correct way:

Even you worked on the above mistakes of yours and still, you are not happy with your hair that will be because you are making mistake while styling your hair.

VIDEO BY BLUMAAN – One of the best Youtube Channel for Hairtsyle Tips and Tricks

If you are wondering All you have to do is Blow drying your hair straight and you will be good to go.

You are wrong there is so much when you go for the Styling as how you are styling, which comb you are using(roller, vented brush) and which heat setting you are picking while you style.

This is the one of the most common hairstyle mistakes that we don’t give much attention to.

ROADTOACE(RTA) TIP: When you style your hair with hairdryer with heat setting and your hair are all dry, now change to Cold heat setting as it will help in your hairstyle to last longer.


hairstyle mistakes

Everyone loves to look best of themselves for that we style our hair, we try different clothes, we go for different grooming routine.

But in all these things are you taking care of your hair?

As with all the Heat coming from the Hairdryer, it will surely damage your Hair in the long term.

If you are not taking care of your hair this will surely lead in bad hairstyle as with damaged hair, they will weigh your hair down.

So, if you want hair that will listen to you and help in long lasting hairstyle that others can complement, start taking care of your hair.

Start using hair masks. They will surely be going to help.


Hairstyling mistakes are common most of us make while going for the new hairstyle, at first you have to work with different hair products and different hairstyles.

You can’t get the best look in just one go. There are different hair products with different benefits so mix and match and choose your poison wisely

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