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|BEST|Hair Products For Men With Thick Hair[2020]

You got thick hair you style them get out from your home and boom just in little time they started to go flat, thick hairs are the best hair one can get. But if you don’t opt for right hair products or RIGHT HAIRSTYLE, they can be your one of the biggest enemies. So, if you want to know more about best hairstyle as per your FACE SHAPE or hair type just go back and read my last articles.

So, you have to choose what you want, there are lots of hair products our there and to choose from them is so challenging. so, you must clear your self out.

You want:

  5. In which season you are using it- summer or winter

Here I will be helping you out with best hair products one should have for thick hair. They might be a little expensive but if you are going for hair care. You should invest more as cheap products can make your hair worse.

So, let’s hop into it.



HAIR CLAYS work best with thick hair they are like the best thing that can happen for your hairstyle they work like charm for thick hair. If you like to keep hair short (2-3 inch) you can go for hair clays with 2-3 hold. But If you like to keep your hair longer(4-6 inch) you will be needing hair clay with high hold. If you are in India and your budget is not good you can go for L’oreal hair clay with hold 5. This is the best budget-friendly hair clay, Go for clays which contain bentonite clay and beeswax. Hair clay can provide you better results in summer as compare to Hair Wax try to go for clay that has beeswax in it if you are using in summer.

Hairclays don’t add shine into your hair and they work best with matte finish Hair clay. There are lots of other clays too but invest in good products like label.m, Schwarzkopf, Kevin and murphy and many more.


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This is one of the best hair sprays as most of the actors use this hair spray to style there hair and it is one of the best hair sprays in the hairstyle industry.

I know you might be wondering why hair spray. It damages the hair and it’s not like that it will make you go bald in just 1-2 months. Most of the negative things about hairspray are not even real you just have to buy a GOOD QUALITYHAIRSPRAY. I know hair sprays can damage your hair but trust me if you are living in India with a hair length of more than 4 inches and you sweat a lot then no hair product out there can lock your hair up the whole day.

ROADTOACETIP(RTA):  GO for those products which don’t have a large number of chemicals in them read the ingredients used in to make the hair spray go for those which don’t have high alcohol content and apply hair spray to your hair DON’T GO FOR ROOTS. I use hairspray every day as my hair length is more than 5 inches. I take precautions as I described above and till now I did not have any issues till now.

Try Hair sprays they can easily ACE UP YOUR GAME.

Just go for quality products

3. Hair wax

I know you might be wondering why hair wax is on number 3, why it ranked below hair spray. So, for thick hair, hair waxes don’t work perfectly as the wax is mostly good with thin hair and in winter as wax properties best work in winter as compared to summer. Hair wax with high hold can’t help your hair (more than 5 inches) for long-lasting hold. Try to go with less than 5-inch hair if you prefer hair wax. This is one of the best hair wax TIGI BED HEAD METTE SEPERATION WAX for Indian weather best value for money, must buy. If you want good hold and don’t want to go for clay this Hair wax is the best one can have in India.


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Dry shampoo should always be in your list either you have thick hair or thin hair. Dry shampoo helps your hair to get rid of excess oil without soaking up essential oils from the hair. You just apply on your hair; rinse and the magic begins. It takes away the oil or greasy feeling from your 2nd-day hair and helps your hair to get a feeling like a recently washed hair.
Don’t shampoo your hair often like every day, keep them to 3 days a week not more than that, use dry shampoo instead if you are getting greasy feeling or oily hair. It is the best budget-friendly dry shampoo Batista dry shampoo
Dry shampoo also helps your hair too gets more of texture just by adding a little to your hair gives you a lot of texture.


If you are a person who keeps more towards the slick back hairstyle or more of the shiny hair vibe but you want them long too and be in place you can go for HAIR POMADES as they are more like of products that help to add shine in your hair and don’t make your hair quality worse like hair gels out there. POMADES are usually water-based, oil-based and neutral so it’s up to you how you want your hair to look.

REMEMBER hair pomade gives hair like a shiny feeling and you can’t make style like pompadours or quiff. Go for neat and clean finish like slick backs with POMADES.


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Leave in conditioner is one of the best products for those who want their hair to be silky whenever they move their hands in them. Hair conditioner removes the frizziness from the hair and makes your hair more manageable. Leave in conditioner works like a charm for MAN BUN HAIRSTYLES or for those who don’t want to style them at one place. This is Schwarzkopz Leave-in conditioner. leave-in conditioner are the best friends for those who keep their hair free, not style them in a particular way and be in style game ahead.

If you are more towards
1. The shiny vibe and slick back hairstyles best product to go with is HAIR POMADES
2. Texture with volume hairstyle and good hold go for HAIR CLAYS
3.Need some texture with shine and less hold go for HAIR WAX
4.if you need your hair to last longer whole day HAIR SPRAYS will do the magic to your hair.
This is more towards budget-friendly hair products(as per haircare) as in India you can’t get good products in with spending less.
So I have fewer options if you need more products, comment down below So that I can update with the new article of more products for thick hair.
As there are a lot of good products out there which will make you love your hair more every time you style them.

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