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The chest workout is the most essential workout of your body. 

As long as your chest is bigger than your gut than still in good shape obviously I’m joking but you may have heard this from one of your friends on a muscle-building form online and even though there’s a lot more to be in good shape than just having nice pecs.

The chest is one of the most noticeable muscle groups regardless of what you are wearing and it is one of the first things that people will subconsciously pay attention to when you first walk through the door.

Women are initially more attracted to men with a lower waist to chest ratio and if you have a big prominent chest you will give off a vibe that makes you look stronger healthier and more confident.

And to give you the best results I’m gonna be going over some common as well as some non-common chest workout exercises that you may have never seen before so you will definitely wanna stick around for those-


You can perform the bench press on a flat, incline, or decline surface but for this demonstration, I want to start with the incline bench press.

bench press gif

The incline will focus more on your upper chest so to set this up you will lay directly under the barbell and grab an overhand grip that’s a few inches wider than shoulder-width 

I like to set my hands about thumb distance from where the gnarling starts before unwrapping the bar you will also retract your blades by pulling then back together and you will arc your back but you don’t want to arch so much that your hips rise off the bench as this can lead to a lower back or neck injury.

After getting into a position you will unwrap the bar and hold it directly over your chest then lower the bar down to your sternum while maintaining about a 45 to 75 degree angle your elbows and your body after bringing the barbell down to your chest drive-through your legs and press back up to the starting position then repeat for reps.

This exercise can be done on a decline and a flat angle as well.

With the decline:

decline chest workout

You would be aiming to bring the barbell a little lower right under your chest trying to touch your upper abs with the bar.

And for the decline, you will be targeting more of your lower pecs.

With the flat bench:

flat bench gif

You would target both the upper and the lower chest equally.

All three can be effective depending on what you are trying to do and if you wanna build a bigger chest up and weight and lifting heavy on the bench press is a must. 

Let’s move on to a not so common chest exercise that primarily targets the upper chest-


landmine chest press

Your gonna start with the barbell elevated off the ground by propping one end up on top of a platform or a sturdy bench then you would kneel down and grab the bar with your hands clasped around it in a prayer position.

You will be leaning slightly forward the barbell with the bar under your chin and then you will stick your chest out while keeping your shoulder blades retracted and tight together then press the bar up until your arms are fully extended before returning back under your chin and repeating for reps.

While doing this exercise you will really concentrate on squeezing your hands together yo make it even more effective at hitting the chest.

Next up we have a long-time favorite-


dumbbell fly workout

Now this exercise is not appropriate for everyone and it can easily be done in the wrong way which can injury your shoulders

So if your have had a shoulder injury in the past or you just have nagging shoulder I will give you variation in a second as well but just like bench press you can do this on a flat, incline or decline angle 

And you make sure retract your shoulder blades before beginning once you do that you can lay back and raise the dumbbells straight over your chest next lower the dumbbells to your sides following a Y aren’t like paths while maintaining a slight bend each of your elbows.

Do not do this exercise with your elbows locked out as this will put extra strain on the biceps and take tension off your chest 

And to avoid shoulder problem it’s very important that you don’t go down too far during the fly we don’t really want the dumbbells going any lower than even with the chest although you won’t get that extra stretch for most people getting that stretch is simply not going to be worth the risk of the injury.

But after bringing the dumbbells down to your sies we return the dumbbells in the same wide arc-like path to the starting position over your chest then repeat for reps.

Now if this still bothers your shoulders you can do the variation on the floor will stop your elbows and prevent you from going too low and if you have healthy shoulders this is the great variation to mix into your chest workout because you will be able to use a heavier weight since you will be going through a shorter range of motion.

Now up next we have a staple compound chest exercise that can rival even the bench press in terms of effectiveness the dumbbell press-


dumbbell press gif

Since your hands won’t be connected the way that they would with a barbell your chest will be actively involved in keeping the dumbbells from spreading apart and falling out to our sides as you perform your reps.

This actually one of the main functions of the chest and it’s known as horizontal adduction the other advantage is that you will be working each side independently allowing you to even out any kind of strength and balances you may have developed on the bench press in which one side might have starting getting stronger than the other.

So to perform dumbbell presses correctly we want to grab dumbbells that are heavy enough to challenging for you and then place the dumbbells on your thighs close to your knees make sure to first retract tour shoulder blades before lying back and then as you lay back raise each leg up one at a time to get the dumbbells right over your chest just like with the bench press you will ac your back without raising your hips off the bench and drive through your legs to press the dumbbells straight up over your chest then lower back down and repeat for reps.

Now another great exercise that will target your inner chest is-


hex press gif

Hex press and I want to give you a great tip to make it even more effective at targeting those pecs.

Just like with the dumbbell press you would begin by thrusting the dumbbells off od your knees and bringing them up over your chest but this time your goona have the dumbbells touching together in a neutral position.

That tip that will highly help you increase the tension on your chest is to really squeeze those dumbbells tight together throughout the whole exercise once have them tight against each other you want to press the dumbbells straight up and I like to stop right before locking out my elbows, to really keep all that tension on the chest from there you lower back down until your hands meet your upper abs.

Then press back up while squeezing those dumbbells tied together and repeat for reps.

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