Biceps and Triceps: Increase The Size Of Your Guns At Home

Biceps and Triceps

Your arms are primarily made up of three muscles the shoulders Biceps and Triceps and each of these muscles can be further divided into multiple muscle heads.

With the shoulder you have three that make up a front middle and back portion then the biceps have two heads a long head and a short head and the tricep has three heads including a long head a lateral head and a medial head.

To target all of these muscles for optimal arm development you have to incorporate a variety of exercises.

Biceps and Triceps Exercises:


Biceps and Triceps

You will stand in front of the door way with the door open and your feet close to the frame of the door.

Then with one hand grab the frame and slow lean back until your elbow is fully extended.

You should do your best to keep your hips in a straight line with your head and your feet and then once you’re in the position you have to pull your body up towards the frame with one arm.

Then slowly lower back down and repeat reps.


Biceps and Triceps

You have to get down into a push-up position while concentrating on keeping your core tight.

Then lift one hand off the floor bend your arms and lower yourself down on that forearm from there repeat the same process on the other side so that you are now down on both elbows in a traditional plank position.

Then alternate sides once again by extending the elbow that you originally lowered to the ground pressing yourself up and planting your hand in place of your forearm than repeat the same thing on the other side and repeat reps.


Biceps and Triceps

You need a book bag hand bag or a gym bag.

Load your book bag with some heavy objects that will weight it down then grab the hand strap at the top of the book bag and stand straight up with your elbow extended and the weight hanging straight down.

Lean slightly forward so that your legs don’t get in the way of the book bag and while keeping your elbow tight to your ribs curl the book bag up towards your shoulder.

As you come up you have to try your pinky up towards the ceiling to really increase bicep activation, then slowly lower back down and repeat the reps.


Biceps and Triceps

To perform dips at home you will only need two sturdy chairs that are the same height and that don’t tip one push down on.

Regular folding steel chairs are great for this and if you want to be extra safe you can put something heavy on each chair to ensure that it won’t tip over.

To begin you will stand in between the chairs facing away from each other and place your hands on the chairs with your arms extended.

Then raise your feet off the ground and begin slowly lowering yourself down by bending your elbows, to help target the triceps more rather than the chest you have to try to keep your chest pointed forward as best as you can.

Lower yourself down until your shoulders are about even with your elbows or a little lower and then press back up to that original starting position with your elbows locked out, then simply repeat for reps.


Biceps and Triceps

Get under the table with your hand holding on to the edge your arms extended and your body in a relatively straight line from your feet on the ground all way up to your upper back.

Then you simply pull your chest up to the table by retracting your shoulders and driving your elbows back as you flex your biceps.

Once you raise yourself up to the table slowly lower back down and repeat for reps.


As you can see simply by using some objects you can get a great workout right at home when you don’t have access to the gym for most of these exercises you will have to do 10 to 20 reps.

These is all depend on how much weight you can add to the exercises, if you don’t have enough weight you will have to go for a higher rep count.

So 10 to 20 reps will be good for all the exercises expect plank up-downs which you will time for a minute if you are alternating sides or 30 seconds on each side.

I recommend that you do each exercise for two to three sets before moving on to the next to make this workout more effective.

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