[BEST] 4 basic exercises at home (mass gain)

basic exercises

If the idea of the workout makes you feel sleepy.

Then you must think again!

If the gym isn’t your thing or you are short on time, clean up your room and prepare to sweat.

4 bodyweight basic exercises detailed below can be scaled for beginners.

Let’s Begin

Complete 3 sets of each exercise of 10 to 12 laps, with 1 minute of rest.

This circuit should take 30 minutes- a great beginner routine.


push up basic exercises

It’s a great and basic exercise used for warmup, helps to stronger your muscle and joints.


1 The face must down prone position on the floor.

Your hand should fit your shoulder size.

3 Your weight should be on chest and keep your feet together and raise your upper body by using your hands.

Remember to make a straight line from your head to your heels.


1 Improves your cardiovascular system.

2 Protect from shoulder and lower back injuries.

3 Helps to improve body posture.

4 Full body workout without any cost.

5 Increase your testosterone level.

6 Saves time in cultivating a strong body.

7 Muscle stretch for health and vitality.


pull-ups basic exercises

It’s an upper-body exercise It is one of the best exercise to improve your back posture and strength.


Grab a rod with your palms (shoulder- width grip).

2 Hang your body straight off the floor.

Put your elbow down to the floor the pull your self up.

Go all up until your chin passes the bar.

5 You’re your body until your arms get straight.


1 Simple exercise.

2 Increase the strength of the back, shoulder, and arm muscles.

3 Increase grip strength.

4 Improve overall fitness level.

5 Improver muscle strength.

6 Helps in weight loss.

7 Fix body posture.


squats basic exercises

Its helps to strengthen your lower muscle and core.


1 Stand facing forward with your chest up.

2 Open your legs equal to your shoulders.

Bend your knee and your hips, sticking your butt out like you’re sitting into an imaginary chair.

4 Squat down low as you can, keep your body tight, and push through your heels to bring yourself back.


1 Helps to build muscle.

2 Burn calories.

3 Increase flexibility.

4 Increase mobility and balance.

5 Improves the health of lungs and heart.

6 Prevent from injuries.

7 Maintain and improves lower joints.

8 Makes your bone strong.

9 Increase speed and jump ability.

10 Improve body posture.


sit-ups basic exerxises

This is a great excision to strengthen your core and to make abs, it should be done every other day, not daily.


1 Lie on your back, bend your knees and put your feet and your waist flat on the mat.

2 Slowly lift up your torso and sit up.

Return to the starting position by rolling down one at a time.


1 Improves muscle mass.

2 Increase core strength.

3 Increase balance and stability.

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