All You Need To Know About The Hair Growth[2020]

hair growth

HAIR GROWTH is less talked subject however in the event that you know the significance of hair development you will know in what ways you can make yourself all the greater with your hair. So you picked the right hairstyle for you with getting to know the RIGHT FACE SHAPE of your face, now let’s discuss the other key factors which will make your hairstyle more dapper. So today we will be discussing, about the hair growth and how it matters in your hairstyle.

There is more to it in hair growth like the growth of hair, hairline, and widows peak.

So, let’s hop into it 

There are 4 phases of hair growth from where at a certain point of time your hair will be growing. This will help you to understand why losing some hairs is normal and what should be taken care, for better growth in future. Same works in the cycle of BEARD GROWTH.

You must understand these four stages for a better understanding of how hair growth works

1.Anagen phase:

anagen phase

 The hair is attached to the cells of forehead getting nutrients from the body, This is the first phase where your hair started to grow as the cells in the hair starts dividing for more growth of hairs. Hair grows from the root until the endpoint of the growth. It generally takes 2-7 years to have a fully grown hair, Hair can grow 1cm a month and it can grow from 18 to 30 inches. It depends on the various factors like gender, age, health, testosterone level and many more but these are the basic factors in growth.

One should really focus on this stage as the hair growth is getting nourished from the root, with blood supply to the cells so better oiling of hair and with massage will lead in the opening of pores which will generally lead in more hair growth.


catagen phase All You Need To Know About The Hair Growth[2020]

This is the second phase where your hair detaches them from the blood supply as in this phase all the nutrients the can have as much as they can take place, this phase usually lasts for 2 to 3 weeks, in this phase hair were happy with the progress they made. After this phase, the hair can no longer grow.


telogen phase.

 This is the third phase where new hair beneath the catagen phase(hair) starts to grow, as followed by catagen phase new hair gets their protein, vitamins and whatever they needed to grow. So basically, in this phase new hair starts to grow. This usually lasts longer than 3 months but less than 5 months. Around 10 to 20% of hairs were in this phase at any point of time.

If OLD HAIR won’t go away how can new hairs grow so this phase helps to keep the cycle working.


exogen phase

As you can see the hair detaches and followed by this new hair follicle formed beneath it. This is the last phase in hair growth as hair will eventually fall out even by just brushing or combing of hair, one can even phase the fallout of hair just by-passing hand in hair. It is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs each day as with this new hair will be growing in place of those. So, don’t be afraid to lose some hairs this is normal as with the cycle of hair growth



You can’t control how your body works; all you can do is how you can take proper care of your hair.

Like having a good sleep of more than 7 hours, proper diet, exercise, having a good diet of proteins (as the hair is composed of a protein called keratin) and stress. There are some other factors too which I will cover later on.

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