7 Important Things To Consider While Doing Calisthenics


While going on a calisthenics journey, there are several key things you should know.  

#1 Neglecting calluses:

I know some of you hear that you’re like what! what are you talking about, because you probably don’t hear about that too much right?

But if you’re training a lot or if you’re gripping parallel bars and pull-ups bar a lot, especially when you start doing more explosive movements or when you start training muscle-up you’re going to develop calluses on your hand right they just become like a part of your hand eventually.

So, I have a couple of suggestions to help prevent the calluses from tearing and even building up in the first place.

The first suggestion is using gloves, with gloves you can do high volume training if you’re especially using bars you must use gloves. 

If you don’t want to wear gloves another option you can do is buying files and about once every week or two you have to file down your calluses to prevent them from tearing. 

#2 Not adding weight sooner:

As soon as you get the exercises for over 8 reps you’re now kind of out of that strength-building range, but once you creep up to like 10-12 reps now you’re just working on more endurance and hypertrophy.

So, it’s good if you want to keep building strength to consider adding weight.

#3Cheating on ROM(Range of motion):

So, what you have to do is to be more focused on the number of reps that you want to achieve.

You’d cut down all the corners right like you are not going all the way down on push-ups or down on pull-ups.

#4 Not using assistance:

You can use rubber bands and fitness bands to assist in your exercise and that is great as if you are working on one progression and you’re really good at it so it will be the advance tuck front lever and you can hold it for 20 seconds and you are ready to move on to the straddle or maybe one leg extended.

But when you try that it feels impossible, now what you can do is use an assistance band to introduce so that it makes the resistance lighter so that the next progression becomes easier.

#5 Bodybuilding mindset:

A lot of bodybuilders do is high volume training lots of sets and lots of reps and the reason for that is something called sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

That’s a type of hypertrophy where the more sarcoplasmic fluid is retained in the muscles meaning more ATP, more muscle glycogen, creatine phosphates, and water retention.

So, doing that high-volume training works if your goal is to just look bigger like physically larger.

But when it comes to gaining strength and achieving new movements new skills it’s not gonna help.

Instead, you can focus on myofibrillar hypertrophy which you can think of that is when you are working more on strength.

You’re building strength and you’re not retaining more fluid you’re actually building the muscle fibers larger.

Its a slower process to build mass from myofibrillar hypertrophy but its denser muscle tissue and it’s around longer.

#6 Training too often:

So, if your goal with calisthenics is just to look muscular and have a good physique, you want to get really shredded and you want to have big muscles.

Then training often is actually kind of a good idea because like sarcoplasmic hypertrophy you train more you retain more fluid. 

You just got to do your cardio and not eat too much and make sure you get enough protein and you will lean out.

It takes a lot of dedication but you can do it so, there you go that when training a lot like six days a week can actually be a good idea.

But here’s the thing if you train the same movements in the same muscle groups there’s no way you are gonna be building consistent strength.

That’s critical like if you are in this for skills and for impressive movements and feats of strength then you are going to make sure y=that you don’t train too often.

Make sure to give yourself the rest you need and you don’t get carried away make sure if you are working on the movement have a day off from that movement the next day.

#7 Inconsistent Program:

It’s totally mean experimenting and trying the different workout.

Do your research put together your own routine or by you know a program from someone online or maybe get a program from a book.

Just follow it through and if at any point along the way you hit a plateau just make small tweaks don’t completely change things up in band in the program stick to it and just make minor tweaks that you think will help you stay on track.

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