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10 Grooming Tips Every Man Should Follow To Look Better

Grooming tips

Grooming is a thing that Every One should take care of, there is no easy way to look better. As Looking better is subjective for some it may be Smelling better, for some it may be Styling better but grooming is the thing that should be always taken care of.
You have to take care of yourself, you have to create a routine that you have to keep up with it.
Like You train your body with routine physical exercises there is a routine too for every Man that should be followed In Grooming.
So, let us hop into it:

1. Take Care Of your hair growth:


Hair grooming is one of those things where most of us fail, we don’t take care of the length of hair and blame that they are not looking good.
If you are growing your hair That is okay but if you are not, you should take care of your hair growth as the split ends will make your hair worse.
You cannot style your hair as you wanted if the length is too long.

So, it is necessary you should always visit your barber within 3-4 weeks.
You should always take care of Your hairstyle as what hairstyle you are going for, there are different hairstyle for different face shapes.

So before going for a new look, check out- THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE GOING FOR A NEW HAIRCUT.


Most of our Hair problems start with the not taking care of our scalp, problems like early thinning of hair, reduction in the growth of hair, bad quality of hair, dry hair and many more.

All they start because we do not take care of the root cause of all these problems.

So before doing anything else just take care of your scalp with:

  1. By giving proper nutrients to your hair with hair oils and hair masks.
  2. By not using harsh shampoo on your hair with lots of chemicals
  3. By using the shampoo only 3-4 times a week,
  4. By Proper conditioning of shampoo (use of conditioner).
  5. By taking care of dandruff.

As when you frequently shampoo your hair, that will result in stripping down the essential hair oils and making your hair dry.

So with all of that I know, there is a lot in hair care but belief me taking care of your scalp now will pay off when most of your near ones will be losing their hair and you are styling them in your way.


eyebrows grooming

Eyebrows can easily make your features to look sharp, they are one of those mini grooming mistakes which should be taken care instantly.
You should take care of how well your eyebrows shaped, not only women have the right to look good, Man to have that right.

So, take care of the shape and if you got the Unibrows, shave the middle part and shape them after that.
Do not forget to apply Lotion, to prevent irritation and to save from any allergy.


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So, everyone has heard about the exfoliating their face once a week or twice a week. It is common but Lips need Exfoliation too.
If your Lips are Darker and they are quite dry, try to exfoliate them every day after brushing.
This will surely help you to get the Colour to get lighter with less chapped lips. As when you Exfoliate you are removing the dead cells from your lips.

ROADTOACE(RTA) TIP: So, All you have to do is after brushing, take your brush and slowly start Scrubbing your lips with a brush on both of your lips, don’t be so harsh and do it for a minimum of 10-20 seconds daily, after that rinse it with your towel, so the towel will remove the leftover dead cells.

After one week You will see the drastic change in your lips. They will be soft and lighter in colour.
Take care of your lips that’s One of most Important grooming tips that others forget.


Not Everything is taken care of by the face wash of yours, Yah face wash are good in keeping your skin clean and help your from Skin ageing but what about those dead skin cells on your face.
That is the work done by FACE SCRUBS. Face scrubs are important as they help to get rid of those dead skin cells that will help you to get a clear Skin
Face scrub will help to get rid of the excess oil and dead skin cells which will reduce the buildups on your face that leads to Acne-prone skin.
Though Face scrubs have lots of benefits but don’t overdo, Always use them once or twice a week with mild scrubbing on your face.


You want to smell nice and fresh, but your regular soap will not be helping into this for you. As there are different Body odours out there, some even do not want much of any fragrance but for those who want to get the best.
You have to work on Getting ahead from others in Grooming Game.
Yes, deodorants and perfumes are Good to go but what about the body odour you cannot keep just spraying yourself in every hour.
So, to save from that Grab a good shower gel that will help you to smell good all day without thinking of your body odour.

But that is not true, for a climate like in India, Hot, Humid or with Acne prone skins Go for SHOWER GEL and for places where the climate is opposite go for the BODY WASH.


Don’t ever step outside without applying deodorant and cologne As most of us think that what is the difference between these two. But trust me Cologne can’t do the same job that is done by Deodrant and that goes the same for Deodrant too.

They both provide different benefits.

You can say that Deodorant is technically something that is used to cover up or get rid of unpleasant odour while cologne or perfume is used to add a pleasant scent

Like use cologne on your clothes and deodorant to cover up your underarms smell

ROADTOACE(RTA) TIP: There are different Colognes out there which will suit you differently, means they will work differently on others and different on you. So Search and try for Your Signature scents and Your body PH that will suit with that cologne.



Even you are the sexiest man out there but if you are showing those yellow teeth of your others will surely pull off, they will think you are an unhygienic guy.
No one loves a person with yellowish teeth, though the natural Yellow is fine that happens with everyone’s teeth but do not go far with that yellow colour.
Use Baking soda If you want to make your teeth white and to eliminate the smell from your mouth of the food you ate last if you are out of toothpaste option
Baking Soda is a powerful cleansing agent that will change your Grooming game easily
RoadToAce(RTA) TIP: Mix 1/2 teaspoon with a bit of water and apply it to your teeth with your toothbrush or finger, allow it to sit on your teeth for 1-2 minutes and then use a brush to make it work even more.


No one wants to shake hands with those witchy looking hands, first cut those nails off and then take care of how much there is dirt in them than you are good to go.

As with keeping the nails longer, there will be more dirt in them, with that if you are going to make the first impression think of yourself how bad You are going to make it.

So always take care of your nails and be ready to rock that first impression.

ROADTOACE(RTA) TIP: Cut your nails after coming out of the shower, that will be the correct time as your nails will be softer and easier to take down the extra length from them.


GROOMING FOR MANSCAPING Copy 2 10 Grooming Tips Every Man Should Follow To Look Better

Hair accumulates and holds moisture more than your naked skin; you pit out faster when you have it.

No one wants to be looking like an Ape, I know you want some Manly look but it doesn’t mean you have to Let it outgrow. So always take care of your Chest hairs with that take care of your Nose Hair and Hair on the back of your neck as these are the areas which can Increase your Grooming game If done correctly.

Taking care of Unnecesasry hairs are important You have to trim some and for some you have to shave So take care of Which tool to use to cover all those areas.



Grooming is not an option it is a lifestyle, you should always take care of how well you are taking care of your Grooming game.

As even if you are not the most handsome guy out there but with grooming, You can be Far steps away those who are not taking care of Grooming regime.

You must know that all these things are day to day regime and Even if you are not a Grooming lover still you have to take care of them.

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